Podcast: Examining Tongues

By Signet Ring Ministries

Echo Zoe Radio

In the American Evangelical Church today, the words “speaking in tongues” provoke an automatic understanding heavily influenced by Pentecostal teaching that one who “speaks in tongues” does so in an unknown, heavenly language. To our human ears, it sounds like babbling. In this episode, Pastor Ryan Habbena takes a step back and examines the phenomena of speaking in tongues to try to better understand what is going on in the passages of scripture where this phenomenon takes place. Ryan strives to take a step outside of our contemporary understanding and investigate the cultural, historical, and literary context in which we find tongues mentioned. He presents a more conservative explanation for what is really going on when people speak in tongues in the Scriptures.

Part 1 – Acts

Website | Download (MP3 Duration: 1:18:13 — 35.7MB)

Part 2 – I Corinthians

Website | Download (MP3 Duration: 1:20:39 — 37.0MB)