Israel and the Church

By Signet Ring Ministries

In this DVD set, eminent Old Testament Scholar Dr. Walter Kaiser Jr. joins Ryan Habbena to unpack the scriptural significance of God’s plan for ethnic Israel and how Gentiles have become partakers of God’s promises through the person and work of Jesus Christ.

Session One—Ryan Habbena
Abraham and His Offspring
Defining the Land, People and King of the Promise

Session Two—Dr. Walter Kaiser Jr.
Israel, the Church and the Gospel
Establishing the Unity of Jew and Gentile in Jesus

Session Three—Dr. Walter Kaiser Jr.
All Israel Will Be Saved
Seeing the Significance of Romans 11

Session Four—Ryan Habbena
The New Jerusalem
Exploring the Eternal Abode of the United People of God

Session Five—Dr. Walter Kaiser Jr. & Ryan Habbena
Questions and Answers


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